Leveraging our industry leading compliance and analytical expertise, we have developed our ALLL Validation & Loan Loss Reserve, Provision Expense and Charge-Off Forecasting Services to assist you in accurately forecasting credit losses and computing loan loss provisions to facilitate compliance with new regulatory requirements.  Build a defensible position around your reserve methodologies and respond to regulatory scrutiny with confidence!!

Our ALLL Analytical Services include:

  • A dynamic review of credit risk in your overall loan portfolio and sub-portfolio types.
  • Trend analyses over time (where relevant data is available), showing recent and longer term trends.
  • Peer Group Benchmarks in relation to the applicable portfolios
  • Comparative analyses of risk and trends across loan type metrics
  • Reserve validation and differentiation of various ratios for alternative portfolios and sub-portfolios.
  • Loan Type Loss Forecasts, identifying collection priorities and performance management.

To learn more about our Services – “ALLL VALIDATION & LOAN LOSS RESERVE, PROVISION EXPENSE AND CHARGE-OFF FORECASTING SERVICES”, please CONTACT US to discuss your particular situation on a strictly confidential basis.

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