Recognized as a leading Preferred Fulfillment Provider by most Mortgage Industry Investors, we have developed a superior quality control oriented, variable cost solution to managing fulfillment processes without you incurring additional infrastructure costs.  In other words, by outsourcing your process-intensive back office mortgage functions, you will benefit from our efficient, compliance-oriented systems combined as well as enjoy our exemplary client-centric service levels and industry leading turn times.

Our Fulfillment Solutions Include:

Mortgage Loan Processing

Leveraging our Quality Control expertise, our team of senior processors will work directly with your loan officers and/or borrowers to confirm that all loan documentation is complete and accurate. Specifically, we will:

  • Review all initial documentation, including 1003, W2’s, pay stubs, 1008, etc.
  • Generate and verify applicable disclosures
  • Order case numbers, if required
  • Order appraisal, title, insurance and other third-party services
  • Order and review verifications, including VOE, VOM and VOD
  • Clear conditions
  • Order closing documents – Conventional, Jumbo, HELOC, FHA, USDA, VA
  • Reconcile closing figures and disclosures
  • Coordinate funding

Mortgage Loan Underwriting

Leveraging our extensive Quality Control procedures, our underwriters will perform a comprehensive review of each loan in accordance with your guidelines or your investor’s guidelines. Our underwriters will assist in making the vital approval or denial decision in a timely manner. Specifically, we will:

  • Run and reconcile the Automated Underwriting System (“AUS”) findings
  • Review each appraisal
  • Analyze the credit report, income documents, asset documentation, liability documentation
  • Calculate all ratios
  • Review for any compliance-related issues – Conventional, Jumbo, HELOC, USDA, VA, FHA
  • Review title and insurance
  • Order mortgage insurance
  • Complete risk assessment
  • 24-Hour Turn Time

Rest assured, we understand the particulars of both QM and non-QM loans, all while incorporating a strong risk assessment QC approach for the benefit of our clients.

Mortgage Loan Closing Package Preparation

By employing a comprehensive Quality Control approach, our closing team will work directly with all parties to the closing in order to ensure a timely and effortless closing for your borrowers. Specifically, we will:

  • Prepare the closing instructions and closing documents
  • Coordinate with the settlement agents
  • Perform a Chain of Disclosures review to identify any necessary tolerance cures
  • Confirm the accuracy of the closing numbers
  • Review and resolve any title issues
  • Perform a compliance review of the Closing Disclosure
  • Confirm disclosure tolerances and arrange for funding & funding authorization
  • Perform Mortgage Post-Closing Services
  • Investor Delivery
  • Condition Resolution
  • Trailing Document Procurement
  • MERS Registration and Transfer

Building on our Quality Initiative, our mortgage fulfillment solutions can be customized to meet your exact needs whether it’s mortgage processing, underwriting, closing, investor delivery (whole loan or bulk trades), MERS Registration or final document retrieval. To learn more about our Services – “Mortgage Loan Fulfillment”, please CONTACT US to discuss your particular situation on a strictly confidential basis.

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